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JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" applies the advanced scientific and technical, design and organizational decisions to construction of a linear part, new effective materials, mechanisms and the equipment, leaders to improvement of quality of civil and erection works, reduction of terms of constructions, economy of capital investments.
So, for welding and assembly operations JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" has been successfully applying the CRC- Evans complex designed for automatic welding of non-rotary pipe joints. For this purpose the welding and assembly column of the accelerated rate is at our disposal with all the units and tents for various diameters of pipelines.
All the welding units are fitted with modern sources of welding current -400 manufactured by "Lincoln Elektrik".
Besides, the structure of the column includes two specially equipped pipelayers 355 enter. These pipelayers are intended for work on processing edges under special cutting of mark PFM, complete with the hydraulic station, beveling instruments, lifting equipment, cradles, including pipe-bending machines with burnishing broach and gas cutting machines "Orbita".

The JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" has the trained and certified staff of CRC automatic welding machines operators with wide experience and high qualification. A group of NGSS managers in charge of the teams operating CRC welding equipment were trained in the United States. The CRC automatic welding procedures were successfully implemented during the construction of projects listed below:

- Gas - pipe ND1400 mm. "Yamal-Europe" - 45 km. in Belarus'; 2200 joints were welded by CRC-Evans complex.

- Gas - pipe ND1200 mm. "Samsun-Ankara" - 170 km. in Turkey; 9736 joints were welded by CRC-Evans complex.
- Gas - pipe ND1400 mm. "Russia-Turkey" - 100 km. in Stavropol region; 100 km of pipeline were welded, of all joints 4800 joints/62 km. were welded by CRC-Evans complex in 2002.

- Oil pipeline ND 910 mm. "Haud-el-Hamra - Arzev" - 266km. in Algeria; 255 km./22540 joints were welded by CRC-Evans complex in 2002." Oil pipeline ND 600 mm. "Kenkiyak - Atyrau" - 110km. in Kazakhstan; 108.8 km./9640 joints were welded by CRC-Evans complex in 2002.

Thus, 48916 pipe joints between O600mm and O1420 mm were welded by the CRC automatic welding machine in 2002.

The highest productivity of welding and assembly works per shift with the use of the CRC automatic welding equipment in the process of gas - pipe "Samsun - Ankara" (ND1200mm) construction ranged up to 221 joints.
The maximum productivity per shift reached:
- 154 joints in the process of gas - pipe "Russia - Turkey" (ND1400) construction
- 266 joints in the process of Algerian oil - pipe (ND900mm) construction
- 170 joints in the process of oil - pipe "Kenkiyak - Atyrau" (ND600mm) construction, resulting in 110 km construction accomplishment within 3 months.
During the realization of all above - listed projects, where welding and assembly works were carried out with the use of the CRC automatic welding equipment only 1.5% of welded joints showed defects.

Apart from CRC automatic welding procedure JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" successfully applies the "Innershield" semiautomatic composite-metal wire welding method.

This technology was applied when construction of:" 20 km section of "Mozir - Brest" oil -pipeline in Belarus' (ND700mm.)
- 14 km of gas - pipe "Yelets - Novopskov"(ND1200mm)
- 21.5 km of gas - pipes-collectors from gas wells systems to (Complex gas preparation plant)-1C, 3C of Zapolyarnoye NGKM (oil/gas condensate field) were welded in 2002 (ND 426mm and ND 325 mm). In all, in 43.9 km. of pipes O 325?426mm were welded in 2001-2004
" Internal production collector from (Central compressed air plant) to (Complex gas preparation plant)-1 - 8,7 km.
- Gas - header ND 219mm (Central compressed air plant)-(Automatic gas distribution station) I and II lines - 13,2 km (in 2002 13,2 km/1320 joints were welded.
- Compressed air plant "Stavropol'skaya" joining up unit's assembly and pig launcher construction of gas-pipe "Russia-Turkey"(ND1420 mm.) section 0 km - 100 km in Stavropol' region.
- Pig launcher/ receiver and shutoff valves of oil pipe "Kenkiyak - Atyrau" (0 km-100km) in Kazakhstan.
- Line accessories of "Haud - el - Hamra - Arzev" oil pipeline (ND 900mm), 418 - 682 km.

Thus, in 2002-2004, 6440 joints on pipes of different diameters (O325mm?O1420mm) were welded with the use of semiautomatic welding complex "Innershield".

"Neftegazspetsstroy" integrity is preserved by the workers employed by the head office and subsidiaries, who adhere to the Company's economic and social policies thus ensuring NGSS participation in major investment construction projects.


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