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Gas main "Russia-Turkey"
Oil pipeline in Algeria


JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" applies the advanced scientific and technical, design and organizational decisions to construction of a linear part, new effective materials, mechanisms and the equipment, leaders to improvement of quality of civil and erection works, reduction of terms of constructions, economy of capital investments.

Preparatory works are carried out in front of the CRC brigade: route clearing, recultivation, passages arranging along routes, pipes removal and allotment, which is carried out using special stock bases in the "fir-tree" manner at a set height to provide the following free execution of edges preparation works before welding operations.

During the construction of gas main " Yamal - Europe" (ND 1400mm) in Belarus' pipes removal and allotment were carried out by special pipe traverse beams, as the medium pipe length was 18 per metre run.

In the field of insulating and laying works JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" applies specially designed equipment for insulation with shrink sleeves "Raychem" or "Conusa" and the necessary amount of certified insulating workers. The new kinds of pipes insulating materials are introduced to improve the insulating works quality. Special traverses PCR equipped with polyurethane rolls, which prevent insulation coating from damaging are used for pipe laying operations. The construction of traverse beams allows a continuous laying process of pipeline sections.

For natural and artificial barriers crossings construction, for technological process breaks elimination, for cocks units assembly JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" has 4-head welding units AC-81installed on tractors K-701and equipped with modern inverse welding current sources with remote control of welding current intensity.
Welding operations are carried out using only high-quality basic-covered and cellulose-covered electrodes.For these works JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" has at its disposal well-trained and certified staff of manual welding operators.
The specialized brigade with modern equipment does the job on shell construction at pipelines crossings with motor - roads and railways.
Works on linear cocks, pig launchers and receivers, compressed air plant and oil pumping stations joining up units' assembly are performed by highly skilled specialized brigades (they realize all the scope of works within the framework of projects. Complex brigades equipped with necessary amount of specialists and facilities carry out civil engineering constructive works
For ground works on the objects of construction the Company applies highly efficient building technology: bulldozers 335, excavators PC 400, Hitachi, DAEWOO Solar 300-LC-V. This allows the company to carry out ground works by its own resources with the high quality of works.
The JSC "Neftegazspetsstroy" is provided with all the necessary material and technical resources, as well as qualified staff for quick pace and high quality of works.

"Neftegazspetsstroy" integrity is preserved by the workers employed by the head office and subsidiaries, who adhere to the Company's economic and social policies thus ensuring NGSS participation in major investment construction projects.

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