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Gas main "Russia-Turkey"
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The gas main Turkey-Russia "Blue stream "
Construction of the gas main Russia-Turkey
The gas main Russia - Turkey by extent of 1263 km is laid through water area of Black sea. This unique engineering construction hasn't got any analogues in a world practice of designing and construction of the main pipelines. Open Society " Neftegazspetsstroy " built two sections of the line:
" The first section by extent of 50 km in the head part of the line in Stavropol region, diameter of pipes of 1420 mm.
" The second section by extent of 172 km in territory of Turkey from Samsun to Ankara, diameter of pipes of 1220 mm.
The section from the port Samsun, situated on the Black Sea, crosses the plateau Antolijskoe. There are flat segments, but the basic part of a line passes through mountains at height up to 1000 m. above sea level. The highest point was the pass Kyrykale (1200 m.). A lot of transitions through the rivers, channels, roads were present. Representation about the relief of land and complexities of a line is given with such figure: the total length of curve one-tube sections is more than 42 km.
It was required to complete with people and machinery two technological streams. Machines and mechanisms partially were own, the missing ones were leased. Completion by a labour was carried out according to the daily-supervised schedule. Representatives of the Customer - the Turkish firm, have arranged certification, carried out in a small town Ikizdzhe for manual welders and directly on the site of construction (72 km.) for operators of American welding complex CRC-Evans. Representatives of the Customer carefully checked knowledge and working skills of each our expert. The collective has successfully sustained the check and less than in 10 months the basic works have been completed.
On October 24th, 2000 the brigade of welders of Open Society " Neftegazspetsstroy " consisting of 16 operators (foreman N.I.Evdokimov) has established the European record of pipeline construction for 10-hour change with equipment CRC-Evans: 154 joints were welded (1,8 km. of pipes in of D 1220 mm.)
The same collective has reached the maximal productivity later month: for 14 hours (the duration of works accepted in a world practice at a line lining of pipelines) the brigade has welded 207 joints of pipes in diameter of 1220 mm. Such brilliant result on the equipment CRC-Evans was not reached by anybody in all European regions. It is the result of the high qualification, the harmonious work and integrity of all the collective of Open Society " Neftegazspetsstroy ".
On this gas main of 75 % of joints have been executed with the use of automatic gas-shielded welding process gases and installations of semiautomatic welding by a powder wire (technology "Innershield"), 25 % - piece electrodes with cellulose and basic coverage. On the Turkish site of the gas main 100 % of joints welded by automatic method, were exposed to not destructive control by ultrasound and 20 % - to the duplicating control with radiography by installations of type " Krowler".
According to the control coordinator of company "", the quality of executed works corresponded to all world standards. By second month of works monthly average productivity of welding has reached 26-30 km. The welding of "a red joint " on the 5th of December 2000 became the closing stage in construction of a linear part of a gas main Russia-Turkey on site Samsun-Ankara.
During the Stavropol gas main construction of the extent of 50 km. it was necessary to perform a great volume of work. Except welding, isolation, laying of pipes of D 1420 mm., it was required to enter 4 units of connection to operating gas mains, one unit of launching and reception of clearing devices, cathodic protection, electric supply lines, to carry out the underground transition of the river Rasshevatka, two irrigating channels, the railway and some automobile lines. Strong act of nature in the Stavropol and Krasnodar regions has strongly complicated work on reclamation of grounds where it was necessary to remove a fertile layer for the depth up to 80 sm.
In March 2002 work on a line of a gas main has begun. Basically all the welding works were conducted by complex CRC-Evans and by the same collective, which worked in Turkey. Owing to the excellent organization of works, the collective has not only coped with tasks in terms, but also has achieved record results - for 10 hour change 151 joints of pipes in diameter of 1420 mm. were welded. With an advancing of the schedule the works on "piercing through" of roads and railways, irrigation canals were carried out.
As a whole the construction of the unique in the technical and organizational respect project of the gas main Turkey-Russia "Blue stream" has come to the end in December 2002.

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